Keto Vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet Is Better For Weight Loss?

by BodyAtRisk

Confused between the keto Vs. paleo diet for weight loss? Here’s how experts stack upon which one is right for you.

There is no shortage of trendy weight-loss diets. The vast numbers of weight-loss strategies make it quite challenging to tell which ones are effective and which ones are phony.

keto vs paleo diet

The keto and paleo diets are the two most popular weight-loss diets. Superficially, both seem similar. But, there are some critical differences between the two diets.

Read on to know these differences and figure out which diet is more suitable for you.

Keto Diet Vs. Paleo Diet

A keto diet replaces your carbohydrate foods with fats to shift your body’s metabolism on fat breakdown. On a keto diet, almost 60-80% of your calories must come from fat sources. The increased fat breakdown then results in weight loss. It strictly limits carbohydrate intake and stops you from eating some fruits and starchy vegetables.

On the other hand, a paleo diet focuses on eating whole foods rich in proteins and fibers. Its primary purpose is to make us eat the foods our stone-age ancestors ate during their times. It doesn’t strictly restrict your carbohydrates but eliminates all processed foods. Fruits and vegetables in the diet are your primary source of carbohydrates.

Which Diet Is More Restrictive?

Keto Diet: You can only make 10% of your daily diet from carbohydrates. You are very limited to eating even healthy foods like fruits and vegetables with natural sugars (carbs).

Paleo Diet: Paleo also limits legumes, grains, potatoes, processed foods, refined sugars, and slats. But it is a little flexible and allows you to consume fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado.

The Winner: Paleo Diet

Which Diet Is Easier To Stick With?

An essential aspect of a diet is if you can follow it in the long run or not.

Keto Diet: You strictly need to count your calories. Should you be out of your mind and eat a single banana, it may kick you out of ketosis ending all your progress in a whew.

Which Diet Is Easier To Stick With?

Paleo Diet: For most people, paleo is like a lifestyle, not a diet. Because it doesn’t make you keep weighing everything you eat, a paleo diet is an easy thing to keep following in the long run.

The Winner: Paleo Diet

Which Diet Helps Lose More Weight?

Keto Diet: It may not be a magical pill for weight loss, but people successfully lose weight on the keto diet. Studies also show that the keto diet can help lose significant weight in the long-term.

Paleo Diet: Eating like our ancestors don’t promise your weight loss. While it is easy to stick with and allows you to eat whole foods, you still need to negative your calorie balance. If you are eating more (even natural and whole-foods) than your body needs, you may end up gaining more weight.

The Winner: Keto Diet.

Which Diet Has More Adverse Effects?

Keto Diet: Being on ketosis for longer periods can lead to keto flu (headaches, nausea, and fatigue), keto breath (fruity smell from the mouth), and keto crotch (itching in the genitals). It may also cause nutritional imbalances.

Paleo Diet: Paleo diet seems to have fewer side effects, but fatigue is expected in the first few days. It may also result in nutritional deficiencies like calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

The Winner: Paleo Diet

Low-carbs/high-fats diet/normal proteinLow-carbs/moderate-fats/moderate-proteins
Sustained long term ketosis induces weight loss (complete absence of carbs throughout)Weight loss induction by healthy and balanced eating
Rapid weight lossBrought about by ketosis entirely Evident improvement in diabetes and epilepsyHelps in improving heart issues and hypertensionWeight loss by healthy eatingEnergy levels are sustained due to the consumption of all foodsA possible improvement in diabetes
Not easy to adhereKeto flu Nutritional imbalances Very restrictive dietSlightly restrictive Weight loss results not sustained for longerNot very systematic as you can cheat in between Late results of weight loss

Final Verdict (Keto Vs. Paleo Diet):

The Paleo Diet Is A Better Diet

The Paleo Diet Is A Better Diet

The paleo diet is a better diet for overall health because it is a well-balanced diet. It is less restrictive and allows many fruits, vegetables, and meat.

It is easily sustainable and includes foods for every food group. It also lets you lose weight if you don’t overeat. A healthier diet is something you can keep following for a lifetime.

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