22 Different Types of Dates and Health Benefits of Dates

by Vidhee Shah

With the many benefits derived from this small fruit, it is helpful to know about the various types of dates available in the market. There are an abundance of different dates ranging from small smooth ones to dried wrinkled ones.  For a novice, it is very difficult to distinguish between the various kinds and pick the ones that would tickle their fancy.

This blog will go over the different types of dates available in the market.

Dates grow on the date palm tree, native to the Middle East and have been part of the Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years. They are now available in most parts of the world. Dates grow in clusters, similar to grapes, and hang on the trees over 50 feet above the ground.

palm tree and dates fruit

Despite being hard to get them off the tree, dates are worth the trouble. They are sweet, though you might think otherwise when you see their wrinkled appearance.

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Dates packed with energy are a quick snack to pick up when you are in need of a pick-me-up. Aside from being a great source of energy, they have lots of health benefits. Dates are packed with minerals and vitamins. They promote bone health and control blood sugar.

Dates packed with energy are a quick snack to pick up when you are in need of a pick-me-up. Aside from being a great source of energy, they have lots of health benefits. Dates are packed with minerals and vitamins. They promote bone health and control blood sugar.

Dates are rich in antioxidants, that reduce the risk of several diseases. They are also known to promote brain health.

22 Different Types of Dates

Ajwa Dates

wooden heart shaped Ajwa dates fruit
wooden heart shaped Ajwa dates fruit

These dates are dry but very soft. Ajwa dates are extremely sweet and have a hint of a cinnamon flavor. Their distinct taste makes them a popular choice and they feel smooth when eaten. Known as a superfood, these dates have healing properties.

There is a famous narration by a prophet, that eating seven Ajwa dates will protect a person from magic as well as poison until the night falls.

These dates are very expensive, but well worth the prices due to their delicious taste and their health benefits.

Ambera Dates

These premium dates are known for their distinctive large size and healing properties. Originating from Medina, a city in Saudi Arabia, Ambera dates are considered to be one of the best dates grown in the region.

These dates are soft and fleshy and are consumed regularly by the locals as well as exported to other countries.

Bahri Dates

Bahri Dates Fruit
Types of Dates – Bahri Dates Fruit

The Bahri Dates gets its name from ‘Barh’, which means Arabic winds. These dates are very small in size and fragile to touch. These dates have a firm skin with a creamy and smooth interior. The Bahri dates have yellow skin which turns amber after a while and when it is ready to be cured it becomes golden brown.

The yellow dates are crunchy to eat. The Bahri Dates are sweet and have a caramel, butterscotch and brown sugar kind of taste.

Dayri Dates

Dayri Dates
Types of Dates – Dayri

These dates ripen later in the season just like the Bahri dates. They are oblong in shape and have a medium to large size. The skin on these dates is red and turns a deep amber color when they are ripened.

Sweet and having a soft flesh, these dates are a delight to have and can be eaten alone or in combination with other foods.

Delget Noor Dates

Delget Noor Dates
Types of Dates – Noor

The Delget Noor are considered to be the queen of all dates having a characteristic sweet taste that is particular to all dates. The name Delget Noor means date of the night and can be eaten both alone and used in various recipes.

These dates are semi-dry to touch and very sweet. They taste like sweet honey and are delicious. The skin turns into amber and then into a deep brown when ripened.

The Delget Noor dates make up about 90% of the US production of all dates. Due to the soft texture of these dates, they are easy to cut up and eat. They can be used in cooking and make a great addition in cakes, breads and cookies. They are a staple in most homes due to its versatile use.

Dried Dates

The dried dates can stay for a long period of time without getting spoilt. They can stay in the shelves for 12 months or more. They can also be frozen and will still retain its flavor and nutrients up to five years. This makes them the perfect date to keep for long periods of time.

They are also rich in nutrients, having 5 grams of fiber and three grams of protein in each serving. They also provide a lot of energy and contain Vitamin C, K, B as well as calcium and iron.

Halawy Dates

Halawy Dates
Types of Dates – Halawy

Halawy dates means sweet and true to its name, these dates have a sweet, honey or caramel flavored taste. They are soft and medium sized and ripen about midway into the season. These dates have a kind of wrinkled appearance and have a light brown color. Since they have a distinct caramel flavor, they are a favorite amongst caramel fans. The flesh is soft and tender and melts in your mouth.

They can be eaten alone or paired with other foods. They are great to be used in cooking and are used in both sweet and savory dishes. They pair well with cheese and can be a great compliment with other foods such as cheese in a party.

Iteema Dates

These dates are large in size and originate from Algeria. They are oblong in shape and have a distinct amber color. They are very sweet to taste and can be eaten alone or combined with other foods.

Kalmi Dates

kalmi dates
Types of Dates – Kalmi

The Kalmi dates originate from Oman and are popularly used in many religious festivities. They are also cultivated in Saudi Arabia and are sought after in the Middle East. They are especially eaten after a full day of fasting in the Islamic religion by the Muslims.

The Muslims tend to break their fast with these dates as it is an instant source of energy and is rich in potassium and minerals. It is also known to have many health benefits and prevents certain ailments such as diarrhea.

These dates are small and cylindrical in shape. They are black in color and provide the right balance of sweetness.

Khadrawy Dates

These dates provide the perfect balance of sweetness, giving a sweet flavor but do not become sickeningly sweet and is favored by most people. They have a distinct caramel flavor are similar to Halawy dates in this aspect. They are large and oblong in shape and have an orange-brown color.

Their color changes to light brown as they ripen and are best eaten as soon as they are picked up. They do not have a long shelf life and should be consumed in good time. They ripen in mid-season.

These dates are soft and gooey and will melt in your mouth when eaten.

Khola Dates

These dates originate in Saudi Arabia in the Al Kharj and Al Qaseem areas. They are golden brown having a translucent skin. They are very sticky to touch and are often eaten in combination with Arabic coffee. The Khola Dates like the Khadrawy dates have a caramel flavor and are rich in antioxidants, minerals and fiber. They are abundant in energy making it a great snack for a quick pick me up.

Khudri Dates

These dates have a distinct appearance that separates them from other dates. They have a wrinkled skin and are dark brown in color. They come in a variety of sizes and can stay fresh for a long period of time. This is the reason they are exported abundantly. The Khudri dates have a lot of health benefits.

They are rich in calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium folic acid and vitamin. They protect the body from cancer and can also strengthen a weak heart.

Mabroom Dates

These premium dates are considered a delicacy. These slender dates have a long length and give the right amount of sweetness. They are chewy to eat and give off a lot of delicious juice when eaten. They are harvested in July and August and are rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Maktoom Dates

Maktoom dates have a thick skin and are large in size. They have a reddish-brown color and are slightly sweet. They are considered a heirloom variety brought into the Middle East. They have a taste similar to the Medjool dates and are softer and best eaten when fresh.

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates
Types of Dates – Medjool

Medjool dates are large in size, approximately three inches long. They have a soft skin, and the texture is fibrous. They are amber in color and turn to reddish-brown when they are ripening. They are soft and very moist. The sticky flesh gives a sweet, caramel flavor. They are best eaten fresh.

The Medjool dates can be eaten alone and can also be used in different recipes. They make a perfect addition to shakes, cakes, pies and energy bars.

Migraf Dates

The Migraf dates are popular in Yemen and are considered a premium food in this part of the world. They are large in size and golden amber in color. They are very healthy and are rich in nutrients. It is recommended to eat a couple Migraf dates every day to derive optimum health benefit from them.

Safawi Dates

Safawi Dates are grown in Medina and the characteristic character of these dates is that they are black in color. They are very fleshy and sweet to taste. These dates are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

They have healing properties and if eaten on an empty stomach, they can kill worms in the stomach.

Saghai Dates

saghai Dates

These dates are grown in Riyadh, a city in Saudi Arabia. They are hard and crisp to touch and are brown in color. They have a wrinkled appearance with yellow flecks on the tips. Their sweet taste is very addictive, and people will be inclined to buy them again.

Saidy Dates

Theses dates are cultivated in hot areas and are popular in Libya. They are sweet to eat and are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sukkari Dates

Sukkari mean sugar in and true to its name, these dates are very sweet. These dates are known as the ‘king of the dates’, due to the fact that they melt in your mouth giving a delicious, sweet flavor in your mouth. These dates are grown in the Al Qaseem region of Saudi Arabia.

These dates are very nutritious and have a lot of health benefits. They prevent tooth decay and help lower the cholesterol.

Thoory Dates

These dates are also called bread dates as they are a great ingredient for baking. The Thoory dates are sweet having a nutty flavor. They are oblong in shape having a firm skin with a chewy texture. They are golden-brown in color and sticky in texture.

These dates are dry and pair very well with granola and muesli. Due to its dry texture, the granola and muesli mix will not become too soggy when mixed with the dates.

Thoory dates are very popular in Algeria.

Warehouse Dates

Warehouse dates are one of the most expensive and premium dates available. They are very large in size, sweet and brown in color. They have one small seed surrounded by sweet flesh. Despite being expensive, they are very popular due to its protein content and health benefits.

Zahidi dates

Zahidi dates

Semi-dry and medium sized, the Zahidi dates have a smooth and glossy skin. They are golden yellow in color and are crunchy with a fibrous flesh. These sugary dates are full of syrup and ripen early in the season. They are called ‘Nobility’ are have a large seed in the center of the date.

They can be enjoyed alone as a snack and used in cooking.

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